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About The Audit Process

If you opt for a PPC audit, we will find specific strengths and weaknesses of your campaigns and analyze your conversion rates, keyword performance, and other metrics that affect your bottom line. 


PPC Marketing Audit Recognition

Deep analysis of all marketing channels will expose loss leaders for immediate action. Developing a strategic roadmap of instant corrections that improve PPC conversions.

Deployment of Corrective Measures

Audit experts lay out the order of implementation. First correcting loss leaders, then optimizing top-performing campaigns. Resulting in immediate improvement in ROI.

Increase Conversions While Lowering Costs

Increasing conversion for less, that’s the power of PaidSearchTeam’s audit. Backed by optimization technology that will scale long-term results that will grow your business.

PPC Marketing Audit That Dominates The Competition

Instantly Discover Underperforming and Optimally Performing Campaigns.

Within 24 hours our platform mines each channel’s historical ROI to the campaign, and ad group level.

Confirm Which Marketing Channels Are Really Providing Highest ROI.

We calculate ROI by first click conversion data, not last click which 97% of auditing companies use.

Uncover New Marketing Opportunities That Will Increase PPC Conversions.

Auditing also comes with competitive landscape analysis, disclosing potentially overlooked opportunities. 

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PPC Marketing Audit

Why Audits Improve PPC Conversions.

Pay-per-click audits (PPC) are a method of evaluating and assessing the short and long-term performance of a paid search advertising strategy. With PPC audits, you are able to evaluate the cost of ad networks, campaigns, ads, groups, personalized ads, return-on-ad campaigns, and much more. PPC audits are crucial for companies that want to optimize their PPC accounts.

A PPC Audit, or what is known as a marketing analysis report is a deep analysis of where you’re getting the most out of every marketing dollar.

Improve PPC Conversions

The Goal Of Any PPC Audit

The first and most important task of a PPC account audit is to ensure that everything works as it should. During the audit, all technical aspects of the account are reviewed to ensure that they help the campaign and do not affect the results.

A PPC Audit is intended to identify areas that require additional attention and work to improve the performance of your PPC campaigns.

A PPC marketing audit aims to use Google Best Practices to generate a profit and loss statement on your AdWords account by example. By conducting a pay-per-click audit with the PaidSearchTeam, we will discover exactly what your company is trying to accomplish with PPC marketing, and we can conduct a full analysis of your PPC campaign to align it with your business objectives and sales goals.

How We Will Instantly Improve PPC Conversions.

A PPC audit is designed to optimize your PPC performance using budget management, quotation optimization, daily hours, performance billing, network and device usage, and potentially wasted expenses. 


The foundation set by the PPC marketing audit & analysis giving you the confidence marketing budgets are being spent optimally. With this confidence, you can now focus on other areas of your business.


With competitive PPC analysis, you receive a blueprint of what your completion is doing and the confidence of its accuracy. Thus, resulting in avoiding mistakes made before you start any new PPC marketing objectives.


The team behind your PPC audit & competitor analysis will ensure that your ROI aligns with your goals. In addition, the PPC experts at Paidsearchteam create, manage, and optimize long-term for growth, and it’s all we do!

Competitive PPC Marketing Analysis Will Improve Conversion By Maximizing KPI's

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