Google Analytics Audit Agency That Drives More Leads & Sales With Accurate Analytical Data

Our Google Analytics Audit Agency will provide a deep audit of your analytics to make sure it’s collecting accurate data to increase sales & conversions. The Google analytics audit process will confirm correct reporting on the metrics that matter to you making sure you are optimizing effectively. 

Once the Google Analytics Audit Agency is completed you can adjust your strategy knowing your making decision based on the accuracy needed to increase leads and sales.

We’ll audit your Google Analytics to make sure it’s collecting accurate data. Your Google Analytics Audit will be confirmed for reporting on the metrics that matter. We work from strategy right through to implementation and ongoing support. We work with IT teams to ensure that Google Tag Manager is integrated cleanly across the full digital footprint.

Google Analytics Audit Agency

Setup and Configuration Checklist

There are lots of setup and configuration options available inside the Google Analytics interface. These are important to check when setting up Google Analytics for the first time, but it’s a good idea to double-check these if multiple people have been managing your implementation, or they haven’t been reviewed in a while.

Technical Setup Checklist

Some configuration options need to be implemented in Google Tag Manager (or by modifying the Google Analytics tracking code). These technical setup options might require the help of your developer if they’re not configured correctly.


Campaign Tracking Checklist

Having accurate campaign data inside your Google Analytics reports is critical. It’s time to check that Google Ads and your other marketing campaigns are being tracked and reported correctly.

Ecommerce Checklist

If people can purchase on your website, then you’ll need to implement ecommerce tracking. Hosted platforms (like Shopify, Bigcommerce, and Squarespace) include integration with Google Analytics, so you should be able to get up and running quickly.

Event Tracking Checklist

You can track people’s actions within the pages of your website using event tracking. This allows you to track everything from embedded YouTube videos, people scrolling your content, and more. In most cases, you will be able to use Google Tag Manager to configure event tracking on your website.

Goal Setup Checklist

Once you’ve configured goals in Google Analytics you’ll be able to see if people are converting, and tie conversions to your different marketing channels, your content, and all of the other actions people are taking on your website

Site Search Checklist

If you have a search function on your website, then configuring the site search reports will provide valuable insights. You can use the reports to identify gaps in content and navigation issues.

Integration Checklist

You can integrate Google Analytics with other Google products and even external platforms.


Analytics Checklist

Once you’ve checked your implementation and all of the configuration options it’s time to improve your website and marketing campaigns.

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Google Analytics Checklist

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