Google Analytics Checklist

Google Analytics Setup Checklist

Understanding and applying the basic analytics fundamentals will guarantee that your data is accurate for optimizing your adverting accounts.

  • Cross-domain tracking is implemented if users can travel between multiple domains
  • The tracking code hasn’t been accidentally duplicated on pages
  • The latest version of the tracking code has been implemented (if Google Tag Manager is not being used)
  • Social sharing options are being tracked into the Plugins report (under ‘Social’)
  • If appropriate, User ID has been implemented to track users across multiple devices
  • Content grouping has been configured
  • There are no self-referrals (website being tracked does not appear as a referral)
  • 404 error pages are being tracked
  • If appropriate, Google Optimize has been linked to Google Analytics
  • If appropriate, Google Tag Manager or the tracking code has been correctly configured to work with Google Optimize
  • If appropriate, the anti-flicker snippet has been implemented if using Google Optimize

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