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Everything we do comes from the perspective of a business owner, and we treat your business like our own. Get your free analysis for law firm marketing agency services and let us know how we can help to bring your law firm to the next level.

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Law Firm Marketing Agency Deploys A.I. Technology Driving Leads That Grow Law Firms.

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Working With One Law Firm Per DMA Giving You Exclusive Territorial Rights.

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Proven Law Firm Marketing That Produces Growth


Hyper-Qualified Leads

Attribution modeling pinpoints and delivers leads based age, income, location and much more giving you the best opportunity to turn prospects into a wins.

Engagement Campaigns

The backend software allows instantaneous thank you / confirmation acknowledgmentsof potential clients data thus bridging the latency gap and starting the process of your personal response.

Automated Systems

Our systems are design to automate the lead flow process, it’s vital to success that potential clients are swiftly followed up with in a timely manner.

Text/Email Campaigns

Automation is the key here, once user data is acquired the system automatically begins the drip campaign process to keep your potential clients fully engaged that increases appointments unto 93%.

Appointment Scheduling

Taking the manual process out of the equation, our systems are designed to capture, engage and then automatically schedule your appointments according to your calendar availability.

AI Technology

Our AI Software delivers real time data that will result in faster optimization, acquisitions and decision making shortening analysis for increased ROI.


Search Management

From Google Adwords to Social Media we parallel all our ads to correlate with the desired results. From top of the funnel brand messaging to setting the appointments that deliver wins.

Brand Management

92 % of all users research your online profiles and reviews prior to opting into engagements. It’s vital we shore up your online profiles which will instill confidence and grow your appointment percentage.

Social Management

Social Media is the backbone of your growth, our experts have the ability to pinpoint your audience and deliver concise, actionable ads that results in qualified leads that convert into appointments.

Reputation Management

One bad review can cost millions in lifetime revenues, our platform delivers instant solutions to resolve any reputation items that will appear regarding your ethics and service you provide.

Review Management

Blindsided by a bad review will happen, it’s a fact. From the unscrupulous competitor or vindictive ex-employee, we leverage our AI to detect and combat with positive reviews that discredit and even possible remove a bad review.

What to Expect From Our Marketing Agency


Seamless Communication

Through reports, emails, phone calls, and text messages, we will communicate with you seamlessly. 


With data driven thought leadership we’re consistently revealing new revenue opportunities while providing analytical insight on efficiencies.


With years of marketing experience under our belt, we have the historical data from our victories and defeats, we have honed our chops.


Our constant communication, you should never have to guess what kind of results you’re getting.

Ethics & Honesty

We deliver leads! If the results deviate from our forecast, we tell you the facts and the strategy to correct it.

You Benefit In Many Ways From Our Services

  • 24/7 Access To Your Account Manager
  • Seamless Communication
  • Weekly Strategy Meetings
  • Professionally Fasttrack’s ROI
  • Market Share Scalability
  • Cost-Effective Solutions
  • Saves Your Internal Resources
  • 100% Complete Transparency
  • 24/7 Automated Reporting
  • A Full Suite Of Specialized Tools
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Law Firm Marketing, It’s All We Do!

There are many Internet marketing agencies that claim to specialize in marketing for law firms, but does it really matter? In traditional marketing wisdom, where vertical expertise is praised as masterful, I dare say that there is no such thing as “marketing expertise” in law firm marketing.

It is more important for marketers and marketing agencies to have a set of marketing software, tools, and analytics that drive results. I want to make it clear that those you ultimately hire to manage online advertising and generate executives must behave and have the chops to grow a law firm, PaidSearchTeam is that agency!

Superior Technology Garnishes The Traffic That Results Opportunities

Optimization technology combined with highly specialized Orange County PPC Management Services specialists provide results that always eluded you.

Your Law Firms On-Boarding Process Begins Seamlessly

On-boarding begins with a forensic audit into all of your law firm marketing channels. Then our law firm marketing agency analyzes the last six months’ advertising history, which will uncover areas for immediate action; as a result, your ROI instantly improves.

A.I Technology Discovers Immediate Actionable Data

Analyzing all available marketing resources seeking market gaps; as a result, we beat your competitors to market.

Proprietary Platform Drives Seamless Acquisition & Optimization

Maximize KPI’s with state of the art technology designed to pivot budgets to your wins and minimize risk.

Initial audits provide invaluable market share data and discover new opportunities, as a result, our clients stay with us years, not months, click here for a free audit.

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The Highest Client Retention Rate of Law Firm Marketing Agency.

Our Law Firm Marketing Agency designs customized solutions designed to your unique needs; as a result, our client experience a long-lasting relationship that creates long-term effects.

Contracts Are Always Month to Month

No contracts to lock you in, we earn your business

Over A Decade of Law Firm Marketing Experience

We hold ourselves to a higher standard.

Weekly Meetings With Dedicated Law Firm Marketing Agency Team

You’re never in the dark, expect thought leadership and dedication.

Our law firm marketing agency will immerse ourselves in your business, and you get a partner, not just a pure marketing vendor from our relationship.

Law Firm Growth Partners

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